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About Us

Welcome to the web site of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Established on 1 July 1993, OFTA is the executive arm of the Telecommunications Authority, who is the statutory body responsible for regulating the telecommunications industry in Hong Kong.

The main duties of OFTA cover economic and technical regulation of telecommunications services, enforcement of fair competition in the telecommunications sector and management of radio frequency spectrum.

This web site not only gives you an overview of OFTA's organisation, objectives and activities. It also presents a comprehensive record of the decisions and documents issued by the Telecommunications Authority. For the industry, relevant information may be found in the 'Industry Focus' section. For the consumer, we have created the 'Consumer Focus' section to provide useful information about the use of telecommunications services to facilitate informed choice.

Transparency is an essential ingredient of open and fair regulation. This web site represents an important part of our effort to be a transparent regulator.

We hope you find our web site informative. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.